Why Hawaiian

Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee knows that grinding coffee ahead of time makes coffee beans lose the gases that give each variety its different characteristics. That’s why we ship only freshly roasted beans so you can grind them right before brewing.

We offer five choices of premium 100% Maui bean coffees, from our full-bodied light/dark blend with its rich, earthy flavor to the award-winning Maui Mokka, with its notes of dark chocolate and slightly spicy-sweet scent. We also offer five choices of premium blends – all created with 10% Maui coffee beans combined with other premium beans from Colombia, Sumatra, Costa Rica or Brazil.

 Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee comes packaged in bags especially designed to keep air out and maintain the beans’ freshness. Be sure to look for the islands rising from a splashing coffee cup and our “100% Maui” label!

Our master roaster, based in the heart of Maui, personally chooses which farms’ beans will go into our 100% Maui coffees and which ones will enhance the flavors of our premium blends. She roasts only in small batches, ensuring you can enjoy quality and consistency in every bag of Duke’s Hawaiian.

Premium Maui Coffee

Perhaps you have never visited a coffee shop to have a taste of Hawaiian coffee. True Hawaiian coffee can be hard to come by as it is not a common sight in coffee shops on the mainland. The most common Hawaiian coffees are from Kona, but Maui coffees are growing in popularity. Coffee is grown on the major islands, and each of them has a distinctive taste and quality, due to the differences in processing methods and growing conditions.

Get The Best Authentic Beans 

If you are looking for the best place to get coffee straight to your cup from the beans; then you are in the right place. We at Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee provide only fresh coffee beans. Brew them in the comfort of your home to get the best taste of coffee in the morning to kick start your day. There are more than fifty coffee farms on Maui due to its perfect climate for coffee bean growth. The coffee beans are roasted for three to five days on the island. Then, we at Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee, ship you the coffee that has enhanced flavor and unique characteristics.
Whether you are at home or in the office, grind some of our delicious coffee beans, brew them, then sit back and enjoy the enriched taste of Hawaiian coffee.

Meet Our Coffees

Premium 100% Maui Bean Coffees

100% Maui Light/Dark

Sourced from the freshest Maui coffee beans, roasted fresh daily in small batches for a smooth, full-bodied blend of light roasted and dark roasted Maui coffees. 50% Red catuai and 50% expresso. 100% Maui taste. The coffee grown on the island of Maui develops a rich and earthy flavor. Many of our customers tell us that they first tried Maui Coffee during a vacation to the island, and that they continue to order it because the flavors in each steaming cup bring them right back to Maui.

100% Maui Espresso

An award-winning coffee with small bean size. Deep, full-bodied, dark roasted with 100% Maui depth of flavor and the highest of quality. Expresso coffee has a higher percentage of caffeine to keep your engine running and robust flavors to satisfy your taste buds. The coffee is crafted from the finest Maui expresso beans and roasted small batches at a time to ensure consistency and quality.

100% Maui Mokka – Most Popular!

This variety of Mokka is a cultivar of the original coffee plants found in Yemen. It wasn't until a few years ago that this rare coffee was revived on the Ka'anapali Plantation on the island of Maui, one of the few places in the world where Maui Mokka is grown. With alternate bearings of light and heavy yields, this gourmet coffee is uncommon, yet exceptional.

These Mokka plants produce incredibly small beans which brew into a delightful cup with notes of dark chocolate and a slightly spicy-sweet scent. Since the coffee beans are dry processed, meaning they are left in the fruit to dry in the sun, and then hulled, they produce an exotic character which gives each bean a stronger and spicier flavor. When brewed, Hawaiian Maui Mokka coffee is lightly acidic and finishes with a crisp smoothness.

100% Maui Red Catuai

Grown on the volcanic slopes of the island of Maui, Hawaii, Maui Red Catuai is an exotic coffee that resembles your favorite red wine. Maui Red Catuai is a cross-varietal and a sister coffee to Maui Yellow Caturra; Caturra and Mundo Novo varieties combine to create an incredibly unique coffee that is both flavorful and aromatic. Maui Red is a twist on the traditional Hawaiian coffee, because it offers such a wide flavor profile.

This light-medium roast features a mild hint of spiciness and buttery, grapefruit subtleties. The burgundy notes are reminiscent of red wine, hence the reason this gourmet coffee is called, "the cabernet of coffees." With a little spice and a slight sapidity, each cup of Maui Red Catuai offers a consistent, bright flavor making it the perfect 100% Arabica bean coffee for your morning routine.

100% Maui Mokka Peaberry

From our unique Maui Mokka varietal, only two percent of our small Maui Mokka crop results in this peaberry, when one round seed develops in the cherry instead of two. Our peaberry coffee is emboldened with more of the special chocolate tones characteristic of Maui Mokka – rare, unique, flavorful.

100% Maui Peaberry

Peaberry is the rarest of Maui Coffee beans, making up only four to five percent of the Maui crop each year. Treat yourself to what coffee lovers have come to think of as the “pot of gold” of Maui Coffees. Our Peaberry is medium to full-bodied with mild acidity, earthy tones, and a slightly buttery flavor.

Premium 10% Maui Bean Blends


Visit the diverse flavors of the world with a flawless, complex blend of light and dark roasted coffees from Maui, Indonesia, and South America. Creates a great vacation with every cup!


A well balanced and very bright Maui, Colombian, Sumatran, and Costa Rican blend. Medium roasted flavor that will put you in a thankful mood.


A powerful, full-bodied blend of Maui expresso and Colombian French roast. This is for the big wave surfer looking for a cup of coffee that is just like the ocean, satisfying, pleasant and full of adventure.

Duke’s Platinum - Most Popular!

A full, smooth blend of light roasted and dark roasted. Bold, smooth taste. Maui, Brazil and French roast blend. Great coffee to walk on the beach with or at least dream about it. 


A full brightness rich and fragrant, nutty, tangy profile common to many Maui coffees blended with Maui, South and Central American beans to provide a bright and balanced cup.

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Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Vanilla Macadamia Nut Flavored Coffee

Coconut Cream Flavored Coffee