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This variety of Mokka is a cultivar of the original coffee plants found in Yemen. It wasn’t until a few years ago that this rare coffee was revived on the Ka’anapali Plantation on the island of Maui, one of the few places in the world where Maui Mokka is grown. With alternate bearings of light and heavy yields, this gourmet coffee is uncommon, yet exceptional.

These Mokka plants produce incredibly small beans which brew into a delightful cup with notes of dark chocolate and a slightly spicy-sweet scent. Since the coffee beans are dry processed, left in the fruit to dry in the sun, and then hulled, they produce an exotic character which gives each bean a stronger and spicier flavor. When brewed, Hawaiian Maui Mokka coffee is lightly acidic and finishes with a crisp smoothness.

These incredibly small beans produce a delightful cup with dark chocolate notes and a slightly spicy-sweet aroma. The beans are dry processed, left in the fruit to dry in the sun, then hulled which produces an exotic character to each bean, giving it a stronger and spicier flavor. When brewed, this Hawaiian Maui Mokka coffee presents with light acidity and finishes with a crisp smoothness.

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8 oz. (227 grams), 1 lb. (454 grams)

4 reviews for 100% Maui Mokka

  1. Duke Hawaiian

    Outstanding tones in this coffee, I love it

  2. Tammy W

    Since the first time I tried this coffee I’ve been hooked on it. Most amazing flavor is sooooooo smoothe. I used to drink cream and sugar in my coffee but this coffee is so delicious I don’t need cream and sugar anymore. I highly recommend the Maui Mokka, a must have.

  3. arianaabenhoff (verified owner)

    I loved this coffee! It was so smooth and made the perfect addition to my morning routine!

  4. Kim

    I feel like I’m waking up on the beach in Hawaii having my morning coffee. This coffee is amazing. The hints of chocolate give this coffee an added perk to it’s light, crisp smoothness. In addition, the size of the beans are a fun little addition I was unaware of. Learning and coffee all in one! Thanks Dukes Hawaiian Coffee!

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