Tuesday’s tip from Duke…

Tuesday’s tip from Duke… Here at Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee we love our coffee smooth, full body and it’s spectacularly good !!!! BUT . . . 3 Unexpected Things You Can Adding to Your Coffee.

1). . . Salt
Ever tried salted dark chocolate? If you’re a fan of that, you’re sure to love some lightly salted coffee. While it may not be the most popular addition to your breakfast tipple, salt adds a whole new dimension to the taste. If you’re squeamish about stirring it in, add a sprinkle or two to your coffee grinds before brewing.
2). . . Honey
Looking for a healthy alternative to sugar or sweetener? You might just have found it. Honey is packed full of natural sweetness and energy. Spanish lattes often consist of honey, milk and a shot (or two!) of espresso.
3). . . Coconut milk
Whether you’re avoiding dairy or just fancy a change, coconut milk may be a tasty little addition to your morning cup. As sweet as it is rich, this plant-based milk alternative is a low-calorie way of giving your cup of java a touch more flavor.
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