First visit to Maui reveals hidden gems

Coffee drinkers no doubt have heard of Kona coffee beans, which grow only on the Big Island of Hawaii. Coffee beans grown on Maui, though, are a hidden gem, and people who visit that island know how superior its coffee is.
We’d been to the island of Oahu and heard good things about Maui. Our first visit to a new island ended up being a memorable vacation — and the inspiration for Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee!
We took the last parasailing ride available before whale-watching season started. Floating 1,200 feet above the Pacific Ocean, we could see whales swimming and pods of dolphins frolicking. We rented a cabana for a day, turning off thoughts of work back home and relaxing by lying on the beach and reading good books. We bought gear to snorkel in Maui’s amazing water, and we enjoyed plenty of surfing.
We took the road to Hana, famous for its black-sand beaches. We found what we decided is our favorite beach in the world, a secluded beach in a little cove where you can get lost in pure beauty.
We ate fresh pineapple and delicious fish tacos. We dined at Mama’s Fish House, where the menu tells you the name of the fisherman who caught your meal and where he caught it that day. The Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee roaster, by the way, roasts the beans for coffee served at Mama’s.
Maui’s people are friendly and kind, and the island has many mom-and-pop shops where you can find personal, unique things to bring home. It was at a small coffee shop on the main drag of one of Maui’s little towns that we first discovered the spectacularly smooth taste of Maui coffee. “Severe Coffee drinkers” that we are, we were so impressed that we started to research Maui coffee – especially when neighbors eagerly asked us to bring some back on our next trip.
We’ve been to Maui enough times now that we want to share what we’ve learned about things to do, the best beaches and waterfalls to visit, the best spots to snorkel and surf, and of course, our favorite coffee farms where you can see what makes our 100% Maui coffee so special.

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  1. Betty on December 31, 2018 at 1:49 am

    Maui Is an amazing place to go people are so friendly, the island is beautiful and it has the best coffee in the world. If you ever wanna get away and actually relax I highly recommend the island of Maui.