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Our Story

Imagine parasailing off the Hawaiian island of Maui to view whales and dolphins, surfing in its 80-degree water, or settling on its white-sand beaches with a good book. Then imagine popping into one of Maui’s tiny coffee shops and discovering, as we did, the smooth and spectacular taste of the coffee beans grown only there.

Maui coffee was so incredible that we had to check out some of the island’s more than 50 coffee farms, many of them perched 600 feet above sea level with gorgeous views of mountains and valleys on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The island offers the perfect climate for growing coffee beans – just the right amount of rain combined with soil enriched by volcanic ash. Most of the farms are small, and their young owners are putting their hearts and efforts into shaping their Maui coffee as a new, unique alternative to the Big Island’s traditional Kona coffee.

At Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee, we only use 100% Maui coffee beans in our premium roasts and 10% Maui coffee beans in our premium blends.  We get our beans just three to five days after they’ve been roasted on the island, then package and ship them straight to you. At home or at work, grind the freshly roasted beans right before you brew our coffee, and discover the special characteristics and enhanced flavors that will transport you to this dream island as you sip your cup of Duke’s Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Coffee With Rich Heritage
Hawaii is one of only two US states that produces coffee. Have you ever tasted Hawaiian coffee? If you have never tasted Maui Mokka or Maui Espresso, then you should branch out from your regular Starbucks order. At Duke’s Hawaiian Coffee you will be able to grab incredible Hawaiian coffee at a great price.

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